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BEAUTIFUL SPACES DESIGN MANAGEMENT INC. was established in 1998 to provide consultation services for the interior design of residential and commercial spaces. Our intention is to operate our business with a passion for creating beauty through interior design, operating with values of integrity, and true commitment to our clients.

By entering into dialogue with all our clients, we strive to listen well to each one, to create environments that will reflect the unique aesthetic and functional needs that each project represents.

After many years in business we are proud to provide for you a team of skilled professionals: designers, contractors, trades and suppliers who work with the same standard of excellence and service that is our mandate at Beautiful Spaces.

Whether in our homes, cottages, or workplace, at Beautiful Spaces we believe that as we create good design our souls are nourished by that beauty and our lives are tangibly enhanced.

Recently, our business has blossomed into the creation of Soul Gallery Inc.; an Art Gallery implementing a new concept. Stunning bronze sculpture from Belgium, unique wood sculpture and a diverse selection of paintings from a stable of Canadian artists are creatively displayed in the natural setting of a home. This provides clients with a more true representation of how original art and sculpture can be incorporated in their homes or businesses. Please visit our gallery at

WELCOME to Julie Walsh and Beautiful Spaces Design Management Inc.

Julie Walsh

Approach & Philosophy

One way to create effective and successful design is by understanding that everything we design within a space, whether through a colour palette, material selection, lighting effects, or spatial planning, all generates a certain energy.

When I speak with my clients, they are often longing to create a certain feel in their room in addition to a certain look. It is my belief that the more we comprehend the subtlety of how the many design elements are infusing a space energetically, the more we will be able to create the unique design that our clients are inwardly longing for.

My approach is to engage my clients in a dialogue. I act as a bridge between their inner reality such as honouring their lifestyle needs, what they love and creates a sense of well-being; with their outer realities, the physical form and functional aspects of the space and living in the space that is important to them. At Beautiful Spaces we operate to fulfil these inner and outer intentions. Our gratification comes when we accomplish this.

Successful designing is high art. The end result is to create a more beautiful soulful space; one which transmits beauty, harmony and balance that is immediately felt when walking through the door.

“Beauty sensitizes the Soul – evoking the finer, subtler feelings and inspiring us to noble thought.”
(Peter Kostenbaum — Zen and the Art of Making a Living)


Services We Offer:
    • Concept development and Research
    • Space planning
    • Mill Work Design
    • 3 D and Auto-cad drawings
    • Finish, Material and Fixture Selection
    • Furniture selection
    • Lighting
    • Window Treatments and Blinds
    • Colour Consultation
    • Decorating and Accessorizing Home or Office
    • Referrals for General Contractors, Trades, Mill Workers and Suppliers
    • Collaboration with Architects and Builders
    • Project Management
    • Home Exteriors – Paint and New Material Selection
    • Referrals for Branding, Logos and Signage
    • Art Consultation and services:

Julie Walsh of Beautiful Spaces…
    • Executes and manages your Project start to finish, honouring time lines and budgets
    • Listens well to client’s vision, tastes and sensibilities
    • Provides a reliable, skilled general contractors, trades, suppliers
    • Operates an integrity based business
    • Exhibits excellent communication and people skills
    • Effective problem solver
    • Conducts business with high commitment to detail, quality and service
    • Designer for home builders’ new design, custom build/design and art placement for Hallmark Homes in Winnipeg, MB


Fine Art

Fine art has always been understood and acclaimed for its aesthetic value to the mind, body and soul. Combined with great architecture and interior design, fine art enhances the beauty of the home or workplace immensely. When the synergy between form and Art is accomplished a palpable energy is felt. One feels at once art’s power to transform the state of a space where an empty room becomes a living breathing soulful space: a house becomes a home: an office space which boosts the morale and productivity of its employees.

With a vision to provide interesting art pieces to compliment a room or to inspire the interior design of a space,  s O u l  g a l l e r y  i n c.  came into being. Whether sculpture, paintings, photography or soulful artifacts creatively displayed, fine art enhances the beauty of our environments and our lives.

Take a tour of these beautiful homes, featuring artwork by Soul Gallery artists, in the following videos:

Services We Offer:

Art Consultation for Home and Business
Advice on framing, placement and presentation
Delivery and professional installation of Art
Purchase of original Art: Soul Gallery Inc.


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Julie Walsh
Beautiful Spaces Design Management Inc.
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