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After living in our house for over 30 years, with basically the same furniture within that time frame, my wife and I decided to move and try condo living. After purchasing our new condo we decided we should start fresh with all new furniture and an “in style “decorating scheme. Soon after many discussions and many trips to various furniture type stores, we quickly realized we were out of our realm and need some guidance and help. Starting my research into this world that was unknown to us and looking for the right person / company to partner with, the name of Julie Walsh of Beautiful Spaces seemed to keep coming into conversations and recommendations we had with numerous people.

The exceptional service we received from Julie is beyond compare. Julie carefully listened to our ideas and worked hard to create a home that reflects our broad personalities. Julie is extremely creative and innovative and transformed our home into a beautiful space in a relatively short time. Julie is honest and hardworking, and after having to deal with us, I would have to add, Julie is also very patient. We couldn’t have had a better or more rewarding relationship. We recommend Julie Walsh of Beautiful Spaces wholeheartedly!

- Jack and Brenda Robertson, Proud new condo owners – thanks to Julie!


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Ms Walsh’s extraordinary taste for design, her high commitment to detail and quality, and her exceptional feeling for colours let us feel  in our new house that we were truly at ‘home.’

- Drs. Eberhard and Lisa Renner

Hallmark Showhome 74 Brookstone, Winnipeg

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Our most recent show home is breathtaking. Julie is a master at creating the specific feeling and energy surrounding our homes that she intends. Two words describe what people are saying “Pure Elegance”.  Responses from the public are beyond belief. I know I can surrender every aspect of the home into Julie’s care, and I know her selections will be perfect, taking all risk out of the equation for us as a builder as well as for our clients.  You cannot imagine the feeling I get when I hear the Oooo’s and Ahhhs the moment someone walks through the front door.’”

- Sean Checkley, BUILDER, HALLMARK HOMES, 74 Brookstone
* Gold Winner in MHBA Fall 2012


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Julie’s keen sense of colour and special arrangement and design are her greatest attributes in that her design for our new home beautifully reflected our lifestyle and tastes.

- Lorne and Paulette Weiss, Home owners

Basement Development 55 Winterhaven

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We hired Julie to help us with a complete redesign and conversion of our unfinished basement into a fully functional third floor in our house. She exceeded our expectations in both the quality of the design — giving us three layout variations to choose from — and her innovative selection of the color palette, finishings and accessories. Throughout the process, Julie recommended an excellent general contractor and worked with us tirelessly to select from a wide array of choices that resulted in our finished floor design. The results are spectacular. Even for the most enthusiastic clients, home redesigns can become, at times, difficult and perplexing. Julie handled it all with aplomb and flair. We very much enjoyed working with her would do so again without hesitation.

– Geoff and Brenda McInnes, Homeowners