BEAUTIFUL SPACES DESIGN MANAGEMENT INC. was established in 1998 to provide consultation services for the interior design of residential and commercial spaces. Our intention is to operate our business with a passion for creating beauty through interior design, operating with values of integrity, and true commitment to our clients.

By entering into dialogue with all our clients, we strive to listen well to each one, to create environments that will reflect the unique aesthetic and functional needs that each project represents.

After many years in business we are proud to provide for you a team of skilled professionals: designers, contractors, trades and suppliers who work with the same standard of excellence and service that is our mandate at Beautiful Spaces.

Whether in our homes, cottages, or workplace, at Beautiful Spaces we believe that as we create good design our souls are nourished by that beauty and our lives are tangibly enhanced.

Recently, our business has blossomed into the creation of Soul Gallery Inc.; an Art Gallery implementing a new concept. Stunning bronze sculpture from Belgium, unique wood sculpture and a diverse selection of paintings from a stable of Canadian artists are creatively displayed in the natural setting of a home. This provides clients with a more true representation of how original art and sculpture can be incorporated in their homes or businesses. Please visit our gallery at soulgallery.ca

WELCOME to Julie Walsh and Beautiful Spaces Design Management Inc.

Julie Walsh