We create effective and successful design by understanding that everything we design within a space, whether through a colour palette, material selection, lighting effects, or spatial planning, all serve to  generate a certain energy.

When I speak with my clients they are often longing to create a certain feel within their space in addition to achieving a certain look. It is my belief that the more we comprehend the subtlety of how the various design elements are infusing a space energetically, the more we will be able to create the unique design that our clients are inwardly longing for.

My approach is to engage my clients in a dialogue. I act as a bridge between their inner reality and outer intention and desire.  We serve to honour their lifestyle needs, what they love and what provide them with a sense of well-being, with their outer realities, the physical form and functional aspects of the space.  At Beautiful Spaces Design we operate to fulfil these intentions. Our gratification comes when we accomplish this.

Successful designing is high art. The end result is to create a more beautiful soulful space; one which transmits beauty, harmony and balance that is immediately felt when walking through the door.

Beauty sensitizes the Soul – evoking the finer, subtler feelings and inspiring us to noble thought.”
(Peter Kostenbaum — Zen and the Art of Making a Living)